20 Feb

Ambassador of the Russian Federation, E.S. Valery Ivanovich Kuzmin, together with Mr. Pavel Vladimirovich Alekseenko, secretary at the Embassy of the Russian Federation, on February 16, 2019, paid an official visit to the Simex company in the “furniture city” of Şimleu Silvaniei, Salaj, where they met with the chairman of the administrative council of company Simex SA, Mr. Dumitru Blaga, Commercial Director Gabriel Lavrincic and mayor Septimiu Ţurcaş.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Romania, Valery Ivanovich Kuzmin, stated during the official visit to Sălaj that the Simex furniture producer has successful and mutually beneficial economic relations with Russian companies for many years and that he would like and other companies in the county Sălaj and in the country to follow Simex’s example. Valery Kuzmin had only words of appreciation for the Simex furniture manufacturer.

“The furniture that is produced in Şimleu Silvaniei is one of the highest quality, being included in the luxury category. Many pieces of this furniture are handmade and have a lot of details and that’s why it has found a special place on our Russian market. Simex furniture can be found in the large cities in Russia such as Moscow, Sankt Petesburg and many more, because it is a very good furniture” said the Russian Ambassador during his visit to company Simex.

Dumitru Blaga, the ruler of Simex’s destiny, said the Russians are very satisfied with the quality furniture that is produced in town Şimleu Silvaniei.

“Our commercial relations with Russia existed before 1989 and then deepened. We produce for the Russian market, the highest quality furniture and we are pleased with what we see in the Russian market, with the reactions of our Russian friends from one Fair to another who appreciate our warm friendship which we prove by the quality of the furniture that we produce”, says Dumitru Blaga.

The visit of the Russian Ambassador to Simex represents a step towards the Romanian-Russian economic relationship because there is still a strong Russian interest in “made in Romania” products, which are “high quality” products.

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